Saturday, June 14, 2014

Symptoms of Wool Allergy

Symptoms of Wool Allergy - While existing allergies to wool, they are much less common than is often assumed. Skin irritation is often mistaken as a symptom of wool allergy, even when it is the texture of the fabric, not its chemical composition, which causes the problem. There is some way to determine the presence of a wool allergy.

Skin irritation

Wool allergy will almost always manifest with an itchy rash that may resemble hives or eczema. Irritation usually begins almost immediately after contact with the wool.

Nasal Congestion

A person who is allergic to wool will often experience nasal irritation, including sneezing, congestion, itching and burning. It may also be due to dust and other irritants that can get caught in the wool fiber.

Eye irritation

In the presence of wool, someone who is really allergic will experience redness, swelling and itching in the eyes.

Determine the cause to Wool Allergy

wool allergy

Anyone with a suspected wool allergy can try wearing an item is made with a softer fiber such as natural fleece. This can determine whether the underlying problem is sensitive skin or a real wool allergy.

Only reliable method for diagnosing an allergy is a test performed by a doctor. Many allergists offer comprehensive skin - tests, including dozens of potential offenders. So the best act if you found wool allergy to you or your families is go to doctor immediatelly.

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